Fundraising For Caritas of Austin

Help us support this charity in 2019!


As holiday season approaches, office parties are being scheduled and anticipated. Holiday season is all bout fun and joy, but at the same time it's about caring, love and giving.

Help us support Caritas of Austin!

There are many causes and charities worthy of supporting and Caritas of Austin is one of them, deserving your attention.

By fundraising for Caritas of Austin you will be doing two great things in one, raising money for funding as well as spreading the word about this organisation. This way more people will now know about Caritas of Austin and support it!

So what is Caritas of Austin all about?

A bit about this charity:

Caritas of Austin believes that when every person has a stable place to call home, they can realize their full potential and contribute to our community. We build wellbeing by making sure that people have a safe home, access to healthy groceries, jobs that provide a reliable living wage, and educational opportunities to learn life skills. All of us need a sturdy foundation and layers of support in our lives to thrive; that\'s what creates a strong community. Our innovative, personalized and proven approach to building wellbeing and ending homelessness creates a more vibrant Austin for everyone.

Steps To Take:

If you are the organizer of the party:
besides the standard white elephant rules, include additional note that all participants are welcome to donate 5, 10, 20 or other dollar amount for Caritas of Austin. Include the link to so that party guest can familiarize themselves with the charity in case they have not heard of it.

If you are NOT the organizer of the party:
Contact the organizer and encourage them to include fundrasing for Caritas of Austin as part of the party celebration.

Thank you for helping us support Caritas of Austin and we hope you have a festive, fun and joyful holiday season in 2019!

Learn More

To learn more about this charity and why you should fundraise and donate to Caritas of Austin please visit the official website at following address: