What is white elephant gift exchange?

White Elephant Gift Exchange is a yearly tradition of exchanging gifts during Christmas season. Groups of people at offices, at home and friends circles gather to have a party and swap gifts with each other. Take a look at the white elephant rules and then head over to the main page to pick up some white elephant gifts for your party gift exchange!

Roots of gift exchange

The tradition has roots in a legend where suposedly kings in Asia would gift a burdensome present that happened to be white or more of a pink elephant to those that they disliked. The person had to accept and care for the animal while not being able to use itt for labour as it would upset the king. Basically the "gift" was nothing more than a financial strain to be endured.

The modern spin

Today the white elephant gift exchange is a fun yearly event for lots of businesses as well as large family gatherings. It makse sense because in stead of buying a gift for everyone, you just have to buy or make one, funny or ridiculous gift, have fun exchanging various gifts that other participants bring and end up going home with what you "win" or should I say get away with.

It's fun and you just have to try it!

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